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Theme: best conceptual portrait photography

If you don't do portrait photography, give it a try :D ask one of your friends to model for you ^^


3 entires max

submit to the folder called "Conceptual Portrait Contest" (I will go make that in a second)

Deadline: September 6th

Winners will get a feature in a journal ^^

ps. I'm really sorry about my in activeness, but hopefully this is fun ^^
I think our group is very active as far as submitting but we have no sense of community here. I think that should change :) I'm going to fill out this form below and you guys should comment with yours :) We can get to know each other, and maybe meet a new friend :)
Sorry that seems really cheesy ^^'

Name: Alex
Age: 14 (yeah I'm young XD)
Country: USA
favorite color: Sunset orange
favorite movie: At the moment, either Frozen or Catching Fire
favorite actor/actress: Jennifer Lawrence O_O

yáll can add some fun facts too :D

Have fun and meet new peeps!!
Hey guys, I thought it was time for a new contest!

Theme: Frozen
Interpret the theme however you want :)

Deadline: January 31st

1. Pictures must be relatively new (give or take 6 months) :) This is to encourage you to go out and take new ones!
2. Comment a link to your photo below!

1st place: Will be featured as photographer of the month, and will get a journal feature.
2nd and 3rd: Journal feature
Runner ups: Journal feature


We had many great entries for this mini contest! The theme was stripes :) Entries were judged on creativity, uniqueness, and technique. 

1st place OneInfiniteLove

Splinter by OneInfiniteLove

2nd Place Microsmos

3rd Place Hollee-McNamara

Crossed Lines by Hollee-McNamara

Honorable Mentions

Striped dress 02 by Zone-studio  
Urban Landscape by haifischfutter

Stripes by OutbackReality 
The Zebra Effect by DebasishPhotos

Thank you to all who entered :) Next month's theme will be announced soon ;) If you have ideas, please comment below!


Time for another contest!

Theme: stripes

Deadline: November 30th

1. Post thumb of work below if you're a premium member, if not, just post a link :)
2. 1 entry per person
3. Photo should be relatively new :D


There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and 2-3 runner ups. Everyone will have their winning photo featured in the next journal, and 1st place will be December's POM.

PS A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who donated so far ^^ If you haven't yet, please consider donating some points to help get super group status for us :) Donate to alexrashidphotos :) look at the previous journal for more info: unseenphotographers.deviantart…

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